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My parents Priscilla and Charley

I created Priscilla’s Cottage for my mom.  Both of my parents had Alzheimer’s. My mom never accepted that she had Alzheimer’s. She always said my dad and I were attempting to drive her crazy. Needless to say she was a challenge for me. According to my mom, they moved to Georgia from Arkansas so that I could help her care for dad.

Even though my mom moved to Georgia voluntarily she was extremely angry with me for taking her away from all of her friends.  When I created Priscilla’s Cottage my mom was no longer with us, but I wanted to help others like her. Priscilla’s Cottage is a place where those like my mom can enjoy their day and make friends.

I wanted a fun, engaging, safe environment where they are free from their dementia. We have an open floor plan so they can move around at will without us hovering over them. If they need assistance with walking we will walk with them. They can go out on the patio whenever they like, weather permitting. At home I was guilty of saying no or doing things  because it was just easier for me. At Priscilla’s Cottage we let them have freedom to be as independent as they can be during the day.

For the caregiver Priscilla’s Cottage allows them to escape from the daily care giving and get some much deserved me time.  My goal is to relieve some of stress each caregiver carries.  I am fully aware of the amount of stress and fatigue that comes with care giving  from the 16 years of caring for my parents. I hope to help as many families as I can. You are not in this alone.

Sheryl Dornblaser